On my trip this year, I was casual about taking pictures. At times I seemed to forget the camera altogether. I used my iPad a little more as a camera. On one of the rides on Tram 28 in Lisbon, I did get the camera out and shoot every couple of seconds as I was going from the edge of the Alfama back to the central part of town. It then occurred to me to use the video - and so I made a few videos of the rest of the ride. I did not shoot anything past the Estrela gardens.

Now that I have looked at them, I wish I had been more systematic and had videotaped the entire ride on Eléctrico 28, including through the Alfama.

I strung the stills & the videos together in iMovie. It does give a little flavor of Lisbon - which of course is a wonderful city!
How to jump back in?

I was busier than usual this spring - I continued to read LJ, but somehow couldn't find even a few minutes to post. When I got home - usually two hours before bedtime - I spent the time cooking, reading, & watching TV.

Some catch-up:

My GWT project at work is still all-consuming. I'm still working solo on the project. It is still exciting. On most days within 30 minutes I'm zoned-in: code, imagination, and fingers locked in sync together, moving fast as possible. The application has an elegant look and functionality. I'm sure there are a few other web-apps like this but I don't know of any myself. Around the first of April, I showed the project to the boss. He was estatic. The last thing he said: "You know this will have to work on the iPad." By 5:00 that afternoon I was able to walk into his office with an iPad and say: "Now it does".

In January I decided that I was going to take the playing portion of the A.G.O. Fellowship certification this year. I stuck to my plan & took the playing exam this past Saturday in Dallas. The organ was a splendid instrument installed in 2004. In my 3 hour practice session on Friday afternoon, I was constantly interrupted. Despite this I think I did well - at least on the major parts. I don’t think I could have performed the repertoire any better. The improvisation went well too. I will find out in six weeks. If I do pass this portion, I will have 5 years in which to pass the written half of the exam.

At my second job (the organ position), a new head of staff was finally selected to replace Jeff. What I could gather from Google, he had a long record of being very conservative, and I think I had just cause to worry about my relationship with him. About the same age as [livejournal.com profile] dewittar, he knows what needs to be done and how to do it, and - thus far - things have been good. So I think I will leave it at that for now.

I’m dumping all the income I can into paying off my house mortgage. At the moment the balance is 13.5K. I think I will have it paid off before the end of the year!

The only travel I did this spring was a weekend with Israel in Santa Fe, and a weekend trip to San Francisco. I was delighted to meet [livejournal.com profile] notdefined and to play for a couple of hours on his Hauptwerk organ-in-progress. (In case you aren’t following, he’s building an organ in his house using the Hauptwerk program & downloads - which provides many different digitally sampled pipe organs as a sound source.)

Two handsome guys: [livejournal.com profile] notdefined & Morgan:

A couple of iPad vids I shot at the end of my practice on the Dallas organ:

This is a time-lapse study of the sky. Best viewed in full screen mode.

had to try it for myself...
I finished a set of variations in memory of my friend John.



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