Jun. 28th, 2012 10:17 am
I was notified yesterday via phone that I passed the Practical Part of the A.G.O. Fellowship Exam.

So, half way there. I guess I will try to take the written part in June 2013.

There is an essay question on the written part: "Write...on one of three given topics concerning the life and music of Benjamin Britten.". (The composer changes every year - always someone known for their organ and/or choral music.) I'm relieved it is Britten - someone I don't mind learning more about.
How to jump back in?

I was busier than usual this spring - I continued to read LJ, but somehow couldn't find even a few minutes to post. When I got home - usually two hours before bedtime - I spent the time cooking, reading, & watching TV.

Some catch-up:

My GWT project at work is still all-consuming. I'm still working solo on the project. It is still exciting. On most days within 30 minutes I'm zoned-in: code, imagination, and fingers locked in sync together, moving fast as possible. The application has an elegant look and functionality. I'm sure there are a few other web-apps like this but I don't know of any myself. Around the first of April, I showed the project to the boss. He was estatic. The last thing he said: "You know this will have to work on the iPad." By 5:00 that afternoon I was able to walk into his office with an iPad and say: "Now it does".

In January I decided that I was going to take the playing portion of the A.G.O. Fellowship certification this year. I stuck to my plan & took the playing exam this past Saturday in Dallas. The organ was a splendid instrument installed in 2004. In my 3 hour practice session on Friday afternoon, I was constantly interrupted. Despite this I think I did well - at least on the major parts. I don’t think I could have performed the repertoire any better. The improvisation went well too. I will find out in six weeks. If I do pass this portion, I will have 5 years in which to pass the written half of the exam.

At my second job (the organ position), a new head of staff was finally selected to replace Jeff. What I could gather from Google, he had a long record of being very conservative, and I think I had just cause to worry about my relationship with him. About the same age as [livejournal.com profile] dewittar, he knows what needs to be done and how to do it, and - thus far - things have been good. So I think I will leave it at that for now.

I’m dumping all the income I can into paying off my house mortgage. At the moment the balance is 13.5K. I think I will have it paid off before the end of the year!

The only travel I did this spring was a weekend with Israel in Santa Fe, and a weekend trip to San Francisco. I was delighted to meet [livejournal.com profile] notdefined and to play for a couple of hours on his Hauptwerk organ-in-progress. (In case you aren’t following, he’s building an organ in his house using the Hauptwerk program & downloads - which provides many different digitally sampled pipe organs as a sound source.)

Two handsome guys: [livejournal.com profile] notdefined & Morgan:

A couple of iPad vids I shot at the end of my practice on the Dallas organ:

my AAGO scores arrived in the mail. the exam consists of 2 3-hour written exams given on consecutive mornings, and 1 playing exam (45 minutes to 1 hour) on one of the afternoons.

before i took the test, my biggest concerns were the dictation question on the written exam, and transposition and harmonization questions on the playing exam. after i took the exams, i felt the playing exam all went well, the weakest part being the figured bass question. i had concerns about the written exam, specifically the analysis question and the musical knowledge question.

oddly enough, my scores were better on the written part, especially on the 2 questions where i thought i had a problem. my playing scores were in relationship to each other about where i thought they would be. but i thought the playing exam scores would in general be a little higher.

i took the test in dallas. the examiners were hidden from sight and anonymous.

Exam at the Organ
Prepared Pieces(40) 32.5
Awareness of stylistic period(7)6
Imagination and musical excitement(6)4.5
Phrasing and articulation(6)4.5
Note accuracy(6)4.5
Sight Reading (10) 8.5
Transposition (10)9
Figured Bass (10)6.5
Bass/Melody Harmonization (15)10.5
Improvisation (15)11.5
Total (100)78.5

Written Exams
Analysis (25) 22.5
Fugue (20) 17.5
Dictation (Ear Tests)(15) 12
Composition/Harminization (20) 16
Musical Knowledge (20) 20
Total (100)88


Jun. 29th, 2006 02:09 pm
got an email today notifying that i passed that the ago associate exam. so happy...not too bad for someone starting on the instrument at age 35.



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