Sunday Morning

Teal blue and grey, and
several shades of orange -
a history of ties.
Half Windsor or full?
The fingers will know.

Earlier they stepped
through several keys - tunes
by Lowell Mason.
A quick text to Zorn:
We'll have a descant,

so bring your horn today.

before, after

boss explained I could also use laptop as my personal computer. it's a generous place to work if nothing else.

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photo (35)photo (33)

In Santa Fe for a long weekend with Israel. Saw King Roger tonight at the opera. Sensual & complex with rich orchestration - about a medieval king who converts to a Dionysian paganism.

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photo (31)

I posted once before about Scott's hands. He photographed the left hand of 24 artists in 1966. Included were Andy Warhol, Oldenburg, Lichtenstein, Marisol, etc. Scott had given me a print of John Cage's hand, and recently the hand of Ray Johnson (who was gay, had died by suicide, and generally less well known).

The photographs were made with one of his experimental techniques - basically no gray tones. Last week I had a sudden thought. The next morning I scanned Ray Johnson's hand and took it to the T-shirt screen printers around the corner. The shop delivered the T's on Wednesday.

I took them over to Scott's that night. He was ecstatic - he thought they were terrific.

I printed the T-shirts to celebrate the opening of his show, but he has mentioned marketing them several times since then. He wants me to help him with that. Since the set of hands includes people like Warhol - he thinks they would sell.

Ummm? It's a thought.

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Jun. 26th, 2011 05:19 pm
°F / °C
A range of 115 °F this year, thus far.
°F / °C
cities within one degree latitude are: Tehran, Tokyo, Tunis, Las Vegas, Kabul, Gibraltar


Jan. 28th, 2011 04:12 pm

I'm not sure what to think of the Friday lunch club I've been hoodwinked into joining. Last week's Middle Eastern place was quite good, and The Indian Oven truck stop - which they tried the week before - is first rate. But today's Phở Van was really nothing to speak of. Bekki insisted on driving by the Atmosphere Café on old Route 66 before we headed back to work. She barked "It was known for its ribs," - apparently a while back, judging from the late Paleozoic look of the place.

Just saw this in the back bedroom. It must have happened last night. Sometimes an old house has problems.

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Sitting at the Starbucks on I40 watching the traffic go by and the fireworks in the distance. A thunderstorm is coming in from the east. Israel just left Santa Fe and will be in late. I'm reading John Berendt's 2nd book The City of Falling Angels and listening to the Hilliard Ensemble sing Josquin.

Today I played Ives' Variations on America and it went flawlessly. I'll try to make a vid for YouTube sometime this month.

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ah Chicago, you know how to eat

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niece's (israel's) wedding

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new mini @ work

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...met Philip as he was driving across TX. We met for dinner in Vega, then took a walk through the Wildorado Wind Farm.

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...finished reading The Delicate Prey and Other Stories by Paul Bowles.

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