Christmas card. Some years I steal a few hours from work and create one of these with Lilypond. I don't mail them out or anything - just pass them out by hand.
I kind of like my quickie piano prelude from yesterday...

I could tell the bride was different when she had scrawled down for the prelude music "All Disney", with a giant exclamation point.

...tried the Gregorian context in Lilypond for the first time last week.

Last weekend, I went to an Amarillo Symphony concert. I hadn't been in a few years. They now have a new conductor and a new hall. The reason I went was an all Mahler concert - they played the Kindertotenlieder and Symphony I. I was surprised how much I enjoyed it, especially after hearing Chicago, LA, and San Francisco in the past few years as much as I could.

Also interesting was noticing Noah Littlejohn, still in high school, but sitting as 2nd cello. I don't think I had seen him since the age of 2 or something. I used to work with his mother Donna at the public library. When she was pregnant with Noah, a book was passed around to sign - as was the custom there. Somehow it landed on my desk before lunch, and during my lunch break, I made up a little round as I walked toward Polk Street to eat. When I got back I penned it in the book and passed it on.

She was pleased.

For some odd reason, I can remember it - although I forgot one of the names used in the lyric. The names were all members (one - a dog) of her household.

...sounding like



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