Languorous evening at home. I'm already spent from the week. I get tired of working hard. But inner voices keep driving me. They seem benevolent - but sometimes I wonder.
This past weekend at the Modern museum shop, Israel spotted this turquoise pillow printed with the Queen's image from an old 81 pence stamp.

A few weeks ago, when the Google Doodle became a very cool, very interactive doodle version of the mini Moog, I had an impulse to hear some of the old music. I found a 'Switched-On' box set on Amazon. Listening to it on and off in the past two weeks was nostalgic. My Bach consciousness has come a long way, but these old arrangements still bring a smile.
  Roaring thunder & flashing lightening just woke me up. It's raining here for the first time in months!

This week in my library room (a back bedroom), I had a minor leak coming from the 2nd floor bathroom. There were trickles going from ceiling to floor. Fortunately only one book was damaged. The adjustors say the plaster wall has to be stripped and the entire room repainted, a few floorboards replaced and the floor sanded and sealed. In addition to the usual week of work, I moved 1/3 of the books to the front room. I think the rest of the bookcases cases & their books will fit in the hall that runs to the back of the house.

On the plus side, I have two new, top-of-the-line toilets - a small joy.

The new year has been kind of rough so far. A bad winter cold, a rash from hell, a cracked rib, a broken water heater, a falling ceiling, not to mention a week of temperatures below 0°F. Friday night I was in the doldrums awaiting the next onslaught when Scott called out of the blue and asked me to join him for First Friday (the day each month that most galleries stay open at night.) He had to talk me into to it, but I joined him.

We went to three galleries, the last of which was the studio of a woman named Jarv. She was about my age. She painted in water colors. Though her paintings were conservative - even traditional - they were quite lovely. She had that water color technique that finds a delicate balance between surrender & control. She had moved here recently from San Francisco with her husband's job transfer. She thought they would return to California at some point, but she said she was enjoying her time here. She even started painting local subjects.

I decided my winter had been bad enough that I needed a treat - so, impulsively, I bought one of her more reasonably priced pieces.

And now I find it's the only thing I own with the image of a cowboy.

Oh well.....

Just saw this in the back bedroom. It must have happened last night. Sometimes an old house has problems.

2nd snow of season....
It is curious how the internet has given our subconscious a new tool.

The last thing I watched before I fell asleep was an interview with Liza Minelli. One thing she said: the female dancer that she admired most was Cyd Charisse.

When I woke up at 4:21, I went straight to the laptop. After a game of Scrabble, I surfed around, unconsciously starting with 'Cyd Charisse' - who was from Amarillo - and found myself on a page about Carolyn Jones, the actress who created the sublime Morticia Addams. Ms. Jones also grew up in Amarillo - surprisingly two blocks from my house, on Hayden Street.

I snapped a pic on my way to practice.

I played a piece by Antalffy-Zsiross this morning - something I've played before in Advent. As far as I can tell, he is an obscure figure - almost unknown. I came across a volume of his music in a dusty sale bin one day. I bought it based on the portrait inside - he looked like such an intelligent & interesting man. His music is refreshing - it reminds me of Gershwin & Respighi. Colorful & optimistic - never heavy or distasteful.

We had a simple Thanksgiving meal in the breakfast nook with our friend Scott. Nice conversation. One of the things he said: I want to die young, but as late as possible.

Jesse finished painting my house trim yesterday. He didn't paint the stucco, and as far as I know it's always been yellow, which I don't mind - especially since the house is in a city named yellow. Everything else was kept the same too - except one thing. When he was finishing up yesterday he offered to come back and repaint the front door. It was a very dark brown - Jesse thought it was black. I said why not paint it red. (Some red had been used on the front porch railing.) So he painted it on the spot. I kind of liked it. I know it's not subtle or minimal - or maybe even tasteful, but I've really grown to love visiting those sunny cities where the houses are painted in cheerful colors.

As I was driving home this morning from practicing, I noticed a large black bird perched on a branch of my tree that hangs over the street. The bird was high in the air almost in the middle of the street. I pulled in the driveway and pulled my phone out to capture it -- but as I clicked, the bird flew off.


Dec. 8th, 2009 09:47 pm

This is the part of TX where it snows---but still!    It's currently 12ºF; the low tonight will be 6ºF. Tomorrow, 10ºF. Last year was a very cold winter. So far this year -- even colder.
in our neighborhood is now listed as a foreclosure at 379K. It could probably be had for less -- just tempting enough to make a nice fantasy on a Sunday afternoon.

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Feb. 4th, 2009 08:23 pm
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past 24 hours included (but not limited to): business meeting; quickfire coding - things had to move in minutes; birthday celebration with work mates; funeral for lelly's aunt susie; house cleaning; 2.5 hours of practice on bach & reger for march 6 recital; choir practice; dinner with israel;


Jun. 9th, 2008 12:44 am

scott hyde came by this afternoon. he stayed for four hours. it was a very nice conversation. at the end we went through "a storybook life" together on the couch. his comments were very interesting - mainly about the multiple light sources used in almost all of the photographs.

refinished furniture arrived a week ago.



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