I was in a different part of the country. Probably the Pacific northwest or even Canada. Or maybe upstate New York. Someplace with a lot of trees and lots of lakes, streams, and rivers.

The first part of the dream I was wandering around in the country, or maybe even at the end of an organized hike. I remember waking up in this country in someone's house. But I can't recall the people, but they were simple people - North American. Blond hair, stocky women, country accents, xenophobic. I was hiking again the second day, and by mistake entered into what looked like a placid stream. But I only had my foot in or something. Someone pointed out how dangerous the water is. And I realized it. Watching how fast the current, and merciless.

Later in the day I was leaving the country in my car. I was by myself, on the cell phone, talking to someone. I wasn't paying attention to my driving and suddenly entered what I thought was a road that had been slightly under water. I didn't realize it but I had driven into one of these lakes.

The current immediately overtook the car with a great force, and the car and I were being sucked up at a very fast speed. As I was moving I became less aware of the car itself, but I was attached to something (perhaps a piece of the car remaining). The part I was attached to trapped me. My head was under water, but somehow I could still breathe. I was being propelled along for a great time, it was very very fast and dangerous, and I couldn't free myself. I could see the sky.

After many minutes of this vortex, I was pulled into some kind of processing station - like a damn or something. For some great reason, I was able to struggle free and get my head to the surface. I cried out help. And it was heard. There were workmen close by with levers, etc. controlling the flow of water through the damn. I was on the verge of the abyss so to speak, and they pulled the levers, and somehow I got out. They could not believe I was alive.
startled awake by hideous dreams.

other than updating LJ, the last thing i did in the day was watch the girl with the dragon tattoo. what an age we live in.

i didn't give it much thought, but in retrospect, it was quite lurid. i wish i could reverse the experience of having seen it.

dream... )
Just woke up. The dream still in my head. I have just been to a dinner party in L.A. with 10 or 11 people at a friend's house. Barbra Streisand was one of the guests. She was a funny raconteur, but other than that, unremarkable. There was an elegant display of apples in the bathroom. At one point she emerged chomping on an apple. I did like that.

But OMG - what decade am I in! I was really never a huge fan. I remember when I was twelve my dad brought back an album from a business trip to NYC: Je m'appelle Barbra. That was the first time I had ever heard of her. For me her career went downhill from there.
I woke up at 2 something in the morning, startled by a dream. I have posted dreams before, but always as private.

Setting: Japan or Korea (it must have been)
Characters: A man. His new young wife. His new mother in law. His mother.

  • The man's young and beautiful wife does something to highly offend her husband's mother.
  • The mother demands the wife be punished according to tradition.
  • The mother will administer the punishment herself.
  • She prepares the wife for the punishment by binding her on a board, facing forwards.
  • The wife is not undressed, in fact her garment is a heavy quilted fabric.
  • The punishment is heavy caning to the abdomen, delivered by standing in front not at the side.
  • There are very many strokes. (In the dream, this scene always fades.)
  • The wife's own mother witnesses the punishment. The husband of course knows nothing.
  • After the punishment is delivered, the husband's mother explains that this must continue daily for years.
  • She also says that the wife's mother may substitute herself to spare her daughter.
  • The wife's mother agrees.
  • So for the next few years, the wife's mother is caned in this way by the husband's mother.
  • The young wife fades from the story.
  • Over time the wife's mother gradually becomes crippled.
  • But the punishment continues.
  • Only when the husband discovers the ruined health of his mother-in-law, does he realize the horrible deed.
  • The punishment is halted at once, but alas, too late.
  • The mother-in-law expires.

The curious dream logic was that the mother and the mother in law were both 'played' by the same character - at least some of the time.

The mother-in-law's part was played by a famous Chinese actress, or so it seemed. Also, the television was on when I woke, but I turned it off too quickly to notice what the channel had been.

Hours later, I realize who this 'actress' was. Her face remained in my consciousness all morning long. But I couldn't figure it out. I thought it was Eleanor Roosevelt, but I recall the actress being Chinese. Now I know: it was Sister Wendy.



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